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1927 Dipl.-Ing. Carl Stoepel founded the first office in Berlin, the capital of Germany at that time.
1930 Multi-regional partnership with Johannes Fritze, Hamburg
1945/46 The partnership was dissolved due to the war. At the turn of the year, the office moved from Berlin via Berneck/Fichtelgebirge to Landau in the Palatine. At first, Carl Stoepel ran the firm by himself.
1954 Dipl.-Ing. Werner Gollwitzer joined the firm initially as a patent attorney trainee.
1957 Werner Gollwitzer became a patent attorney at the firm.
1963 Friedrich-Wilhem Möll after 3 years of training was included in the list of patent attorneys.
1967 Patent attorneys Stoepel, Gollwitzer and Möll ran the firm as a joint partnership from the beginning of the year. At this time, the firm had a total of 38 employees.
1977 Patent attorney Stoepel left the partnership at the end of the year. It was then continued by patent attorneys Gollwitzer and Möll.
1978 In the spring, the firm moved from the location at “Schützenhof” to “Langstrasse 5”.
1983 Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Christoph Bitterich was employed by the firm as an associate. At the end of the year, patent attorney Gollwitzer left the partnership.
1984 At the beginning of the year, the firm continued to be run as a joint partnership by patent attorneys Möll and Bitterich.
1994 On February 1, the firm moved to its current location in Landau at “Westring 17.” At the same time, Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Kurz joined the company as a patent attorney trainee.
1997 Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Kurz began his position as a patent attorney in the firm.
2005 Patent Attorney Möll retired from the firm at the end of the year.
2006 Dr. Christian Keller joined the firm as patent attorney at the beginning of the year.
2007 The firm celebrates its 80th anniversary.
This event was covered in the German newspaper “RHEINPFALZ”.
2009 The firm was run by patent attorneys Bitterich and Dr. Keller as a joint partnership.
2010 Astrid Schwertfeger joined the firm in January initially as an associate. Patent attorney Bitterich left at the end of the year.
2011 Since the beginning of the year, patent attorneys Dr. Christian Keller and Astrid Schwertfeger have been running the firm as a joint partnership.
2013 Since 1st of May, the firm's name has changed to "Patentanwälte Dr. Keller, Schwertfeger". The German newspaper "RHEINPFALZ" reports on the firm.
2014 Patent Attorney Andreas Kurz left the firm
2017 The firm celebrates its 90th anniversary.
2018 The legal form of the firm has changed to a partnership with limited professional liability.


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