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Dr. Keller

We protect your innovations.

Dr. Christian Keller, Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (Dr. rer. nat. Dipl.-Biol.)

Dr. Christian Keller, Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (Dr. rer. nat. Dipl.-Biol.)

German Patent Attorney
European Patent Attorney
European Trademark & Design Attorney

The protection of inventions, designs, or word or design marks is extremely important today. The protection of intellectual property is also vital for effective competition on the market.

Successfully submitted and granted patents, designs, trademarks, and utility models protect the future of your innovative company and serve as a foundation in establishing companies.

I provide support for your efforts not merely as a patent attorney and partner in our law firm; As a scientist, I also know “your side of the table."

Industrial property rights give you as the IP owner a monopoly on the market.

They are a crucial competitive advantage for the successful introduction of innovative products.

You alone are entitled to utilize the legally protected intellectual property during its lifetime either by yourself or you can license the rights to third parties. Industrial property rights, moreover, are important indicators of the development activity and innovative strength of your company. In short: they are an excellent advertisement for your novel products and necessary as security for investors.

Our global network of associated law firms has existed for decades and offers you rapid global protection for your intellectual property up to prosecution of infringements.

Please ask us about our services. We will be pleased to assist you!

Dr. Christian Keller

Protecting your industrial property rights
since 1927