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Our search for patents, trademarks or design rights at the DPMA and EPA provide security for your innovation

Find out if your invention is unique. By searching the DPMA (German Patent and Trademark Office) and EPO (European Patent Office) patent databases, we support your company before marketing your product or filing a patent application, in order to provide legal certainty and sustainable protection in every respect:

patents and trademarks search
search for technical solutions
designs search
prior art search
avoidance of industrial property right infringements (Freedom-To-Operate – FTO analysis)
surveillance research

The patent attorneys of our firm support you in the successful application, prosecution and defence of patents, designs, trademarks and utility models for the protection of your intellectual property at the DPMA in Germany, at the EPO in countries of the European Patent Convention and worldwide via the WIPO. Before filing a patent application, we carry out extensive searches for you, either searches to identify prior art, or in order to exclude the possibility that you infringe intellectual property rights. To protect your industrial property and your innovations, we also check whether your industrial property rights are respected and defend your interests with all legal means if your industrial property rights are infringed by other market participants.

We monitor your industrial property rights and inform you about expiring opposition periods for patents of competitors. Within the scope of prior art researches, we determine whether an industrial property right is legally valid and can be successfully attacked.

We offer you our service to ensure the protection of your intellectual property.

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Patent search

A patent search is a search for a specific patent, patent application or utility model initiated by a company, institution or private person. A patent search is a precondition for filing a patent or utility model application, because a patent search provides information on the state of the art and also gives a comprehensive overview of the patent applications or patents already existing in a field. Only if you know which industrial property rights are currently available, it can be determined whether an invention is patentable and can be successfully protected against imitation.

Patentability is linked to three premises:

inventive step
industrial applicability

Trademark search

Trademark searches are part of our service as well: With this tool you can obtain information on registered trademarks – worldwide. It is not only advisable to commission a trademark search when you want to register your trademark, but already when you have chosen a new name or brand for your product or service. As specialised trademark attorneys, we check for you whether your chosen name or brand infringes the trademark rights of third parties to avoid expensive infringement actions in advance. Once you have registered your trademark, we monitor for new applications or registrations of other trademarks that may cause a likelihood of confusion due to the identity or similarity of the signs. We have direct access to the trademark databases of the DPMA and EUIPO. After our comprehensive searches you can effectively take action against trademark infringements and protect and defend your trademark. As trademark attorneys, we provide you with full support in trademark searches to protect your intellectual property. In these areas, we are at your disposal not only with legal advice but also with scientific expertise in almost every technical field. Find out more about our main areas here.

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Research: Protect your rights

Our research provides valuable information on all aspects of patent, trademark or design rights worldwide. In Europe or Germany, we make use of the databases of the DPMA and the EUIPO and offer you reliable information, for example on trademarks applied for, registered or refused. A search by our patent attorneys also includes European Union trademarks (EUTM) and internationally registered trademarks (IR). If you are interested in a comprehensive search, you should contact us. We will introduce you to the various search options, give you competent advice on which search is appropriate in your case and offer you an interpretation of our search results. Do you need more detailed information about intellectual property protection? We have summarized frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers in our FAQs.

Our extensive searches provide companies, institutions and private individuals with meaningful information about their intellectual property rights:

patent search
trademark search
design search
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