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Dr. Keller

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Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics

Mechanical Engineering, mechanics and its related fields are traditionally areas in which a great number of inventions are made by innovative companies. We support you as the inventor and/or your company with our technical background knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering, for example, in the areas of plant engineering, automotive engineering, aeronautical engineering, energy technology, production and process engineering, environmental engineering, fabrication technology, or electromechanics.

As patent attorneys, in comparison to lawyers, we successfully completed university-level programs in engineering or the natural sciences before pursuing our basic legal studies and have practical experience which will be useful in your field.

Profit from our experience and our knowledge. Optimally make an appointment for a personal interview so that we can introduce ourselves and advise you about your options for obtaining intellectual property (IP) rights.

Dipl.-Phys. Astrid Schwertfeger

Dipl.-Phys. Astrid Schwertfeger

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